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Mrs. Stone and I want to thank so many of you for your thoughts and prayers. it is a very challenging and difficult time for us. I need your help to clear my name.

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The Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund
c/o Robert Watkins & Company, P.A.
610 S. Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33606

Roger Stone is the last victim of Robert Mueller's Witch Hunt.

Because of the ‘fake news” media black-out regarding Roger Stone’s vindictive prosecution by Robert Mueller and the DOJ ,few Americans understand how and why this long-time Trump political advisor and loyalist was convicted for lying to Congress, how flimsy the case against him is and how he was railroaded in a malicious prosecution and a Soviet-style show trial in Washington, DC in which the Judge barred every powerful line of defense and carefully stacked an anti-Trump jury comprised completely of liberal Democrats.

He was convicted of lying to Congress when there was no Russian Collusion or WikiLeaks to lie about! It was a total set-up perjury trap by Congressman Adam Schiff!

Prosecutors have asked for a prison sentence of 7 to 9 years which President Trump himself called "disgraceful" and "a miscarriage of Justice." Now we have learned that the Jury was tainted by a woman who lied about her political background and her tweets attacking Roger Stone and President Trump to get on the jury and become it's Forewoman !

Roger Stone's lawyers must file a motion for mistrial based on blatant and flagrant juror misconduct, Unfortunately, virtually every penny in the Stone Defense Fund was used in the first trial which was rigged by a far-Left Obama Judge who stacked the ALL DEMOCRAT DC Jury!

Roger Stone must be prepared to file an emergency appeal when the biased Judge denies his motion to vacate his guilty verdict and order a new trial. To do this we need your help today !

Please help us continue to fund our fight for justice and Roger Stone's Freedom.

Authorized by Mrs. Roger Stone

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The Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund c/o
Robert Watkins & Company, P.A.
610 S. Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33606

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