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In a politically motivated act of retribution, longtime Donald Trump advisor and political pundit Roger Stone has been indicted by Deep State Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller for a series of fabricated process crimes none of which relate to Russian collusion, WikiLeaks collaboration or any falsely alleged conspiracy between the Russian state, WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign. Roger Stone has pledged not guilty and plans a vigorous defense, but he needs your help today.

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Roger Stone is under attack!

On the morning of January 25th, a heavily armed contingent of FBI agents in full SWAT gear and carrying assault weapons surrounded the home of Roger Stone where he lives with his wife, Nydia. Arriving in 17 vehicles, including two armored units, a helicopter overhead and an amphibious unit on the canal behind the Stone’s home, the 66-year-old Trump advisor and longtime Republican strategist was arrested and taken into custody.

This stunning police-state show of force was justified by the government because they said Stone was a “flight risk” – even though Roger Stone does not hold a valid passport, does not own a firearm, and has publicly predicted he would be framed in an indictment for well over a year. A federal magistrate released Stone hours later without requiring a cash bond, proving the court does not consider him either dangerous or a flight risk.

Even more outrageous, a camera crew from CNN arrived 50 minutes before Stone’s home was raided and set-up their camera tripod just 25 feet from the front door ten minutes before the FBI arrived – even though the dead-end street where the Stones live was sealed and neighbors had been advised to stay in their homes. Security camera video footage shows an FBI official directing the CNN film crew to film Stone’s arrest.

Roger Stone’s lawyer was informed of his arrest, not by the government but by a CNN reporter, who incredibly sent him a draft copy of Stone’s sealed indictment which metadata tags prove was create and leaked to CNN the day before his arrest. Claims by CNN that they appeared at Stone’s home on a “hunch” are clearly false and their claim that they staked out Stone’s home every Friday for months is also disproved by security camera footage.

Now, an Obama-appointed Judge is threatening to issue a gag order against Roger Stone, so he cannot refute the false charges against him and raise the funds for a vigorous legal defense.

Two years of purposefully illegal leaks claiming that Stone would soon be indicted for “treason” has virtually destroyed Stone and his family financially. In December, the Stone’s lost their insurance, were forced to sell their cars and liquidated the small savings generated by Roger’s book sales and put aside to pay for the college education of their grandchildren. Stories online that say Roger Stone is wealthy and worth millions are planted and categorically false.

Robert Mueller and a team of Hillary Clinton connected prosecutors seek to destroy Roger Stone in retribution for Donald Trump’s election and the pivotal role he played in beating Hillary Clinton.

Roger Stone has vowed to fight but he urgently needs your help. Please contribute generously to the Stone Legal Defense fund today. 100% of contributions are used to defray Roger Stone’s legal expenses and raise more money for his defense.

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