The blood lust and rabid hatred for me on Twitter and the liberal media is overwhelming and is based on my unyielding support for President Trump and the fact that, by the grace of God, I escaped the deadly snare carefully set for me by Congressman Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller's dirty cops. The hatred of me increased exponentially when the corruption of my indictment and trial was fully exposed and the President granted me a commutation and ultimately a pardon.

Now the very same cabal of fake news outlets and angry Democrats have begun to push a new baseless falsehood - absent any evidence - that I was somehow involved in the illegal storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Now bitter over my very survival and aware of how financially damaged my wife and I are by the microscopic investigation by Mueller and the DOJ the DOJ has filed CIVIL SUIT over what they claim are unpaid taxes. I need to retain the best TAX lawyers in America to fight this third attempt to destroy me. This is all in addition to the legal expenses I have to fend off the other baseless civil suits and the lies of January 6th.

I urgently need your help in this new fight.

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The Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund
c/o Robert Watkins & Company, P.A.
610 S. Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33606

As a Victim of The Mueller Witch Hunt, I Have Been Drained of All My Resources yet still they try to destroy me and my wife.

For me and my family, the Mueller Witch Hunt never seems to end- even after the President of the United States saw through the corruption and unfairness of my railroading in a DC Courtroom and granted me a commutation and ultimately a full pardon.

For three years I was smeared by CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post and the rest of the fake news media, hunted, terrorized, silenced, de-platformed, gagged, censored, harassed, persecuted, and forced into poverty by the corrupt politically-motivated Mueller witch hunt.

Now the same corrupt cabal of media leftists and their Democrat allies are seeking to frame and destroy me again.

In recent days the exact same fake media outlets seek to imply that I was involved in or knew about the storming of the Capitol on January 6th. This is categorically false and a smear, based solely on naked “guilt by association”, sly innuendo and baseless supposition. It did not happen.

Now these same Trump-hating leftists are once again demanding I be prosecuted in connection to the January 6th storming of the Capitol, an event I was not present for and have no knowledge of or connection to!

Furious that President Trump saw through the corruption of my political-motivated trial and thwarted their plan to send me to a Covid-19 infested prison in rural Georgia to die and saved my life, they now seek to frame me again.

Because, by the grace of God, I escaped the devilish deadly snare set for me by Congressman Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller's dirty cops, the hysterical demand for my blood on Twitter has reached epic proportions. There are literally thousands of butthurt leftists screaming for my blood- despite the total lack of evidence that I knew about or was involved in this appalling act of lawlessness.

And now, the instant Joe Biden became President, the IRS broke-off good faith negotiations to settle my tax debt which I had paid down for three years without missing a payment- the Biden Justice Department has filed a $2 million civil suit against me for taxes I was able to pay until they destroyed my ability to do so.Now I must retain the best tax lawyers in State of Florida.

That's why I need your help. Please contribute to the STONE LEGAL DEFENSE FUND to help prepare to fend off this, and all the other malicious assaults on me once again.

We may lose our home AGAIN, lost our savings, my car and most of our insurance in my epic fight for freedom just a short time ago. Being banned for life on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has made it virtually impossible to sell my books online- my main source of income in the two years in which I awaited trial. I simply do not have the personal resources to fight yet another legal battle where I have done nothing whatsoever wrong.

Defending myself in court against the Mueller railroading and the other attacks on me cost almost $3M. Today the coffers are virtually bare. Once again I urgently need your help with all of these legal fees and expenses. Please consider making a contribution to my legal defense fund today to help cover all of the attacks on me and my family.

Thank you and God Bless,

Roger Stone

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